45 gram Rainbow coloured opaque seed beads (approx 700 beads)


Rainbow coloured opaque seed beads

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Beautiful rainbow coloured opaque glass seed beads

 Sold in quantities of  45grams ,in a  self sealing bag  ,to keep your products secure when you are working with them.

We deliver in a bubble wrap envelope to protect them during their journey so that they arrive in great condition !

You aree guaranteed to receive 700 of these beautiful beads .They come in a variety of irregular fun shaped but round nugget shaped beads ,averaging out at about 3mm diameter with 1.5mm hole.

Thread them together to create some beautiful costume jewellery,or knit them into your scarves and jumpers for a great effect,or even use them to braid your hair.
When the light hits these beads they create a rainbow of different colours

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