Aluminium craft wire Gold colour 1mm diameter (approx 10metres) 20grams


Aluminium craft wire Gold colour

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Soft Aluminium Wire for general Craftwork.


Colour: Gold


Qty: 10Mtres approx. (20Grammes minimum)

PLEASE NOTE: This wire is sold loosely coiled (not spooled) and, due to the necessity for it to be dead soft (Fully Annealed) for crafting, although we do our best to package safely, some slight damage may occur in postage.


Description: Aluminum Wire, 1mm  GOLD COLOUR .We sell by the weight ,so you will get 20gram approx 10 metres in length.They are cut into 10 metre lengths and coiled round into a neat bundle.The wire is very easy to work with, and is very pliable to help you bend and create your own shapes 

These wires are made of aluminium and anodised to the colour stated. You can string your costume  jewellery beads onto  it to create your own  bracelets, necklaces and so on. And it also can be used to make some artworks. Generally speaking, it is excellent for art projects, jewellery projects, craft projects and more.

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