Copper Coated Mild Steel (CCMS) Gas Welding/TIG Welding Rods 2.4 x 250mm 10Pcs


Copper Coated Mild Steel (CCMS) Gas Welding/TIG Welding Rods

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You are buying 10 pcs of 2.4 x 250mm CCMS (Copper Coated Mild Steel Gas Welding/Tig Welding Rods

These rods are ideal for a multitude of applications including car body repairs, suitable for both oxy-acetylene gas welding or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding

  • Metal Composition % – 0.1 C, 0.6Si, 1.3 Mn, 0.2 AL
  • Melting Celsius – 1450
  • U.T.S N/mm2 – 440
  • Hardness BHN – 120
  • EN ISO 636-A : 2008 W2Ti
  • BS: 2901 A15, AWS ER70S-2
  • EN 1668: W2Ti

Ideal for Classic Car Bodywork Repairs.

Rods are cut down to 250mm from 1mtre lengths solely for ease and cost of posting – longer lengths or larger quantities available on request but may be subject to higher carriage costs.


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