Natural Green Aventurine Chip Bead 5 x 8.5mm x17” (450mm)


Natural Green Aventurine Chip Bead

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Natural Aventurine Beads on strands of approx 17” (450mm)

(We usually list our beads by quantity, but the irregular shapes & sizes of this item makes it difficult, and so we are instead listing them by strand length).


Colour: Green,


Shape: Irregular,


Size: Approx. 5 x8.5mm in diameter,


Hole: Approx. 1.0mm


Aventurine has a shimmering and a semi-translucent appearance. Aventurine is a metamorphic rock, meaning it is made up of more than one mineral. A beautiful polished and smooth appearance. Lovely Gemstone Aventurine Beads on strands of approx. 17” (450mm).



Natural gemstone or semi precious stone comes from mineral, therefore the stones may have tiny flaws

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